Here you can log in to your Fields account from any Java enabled web browser.

Assuming your browser is java-enabled, you should see an AppGate/Mindterm information screen just below this text. (You may need to wait a few moments for it to appear). At the bottom should be a line saying "SSH Server/Alias:". Press the RETURN (or ENTER) key to accept this server name. Do not change this to any other server name or the applet will not work. To connect elsewhere, you must log in to first.

Next you will be presented with the "fingerprint" for our server. It should say say "a4:eb:8c:1a:dc:a2:24:af:d9:87:f2:8e:c1:78:14:d0" for the "openssh md5" line.

Next you will be told "File operations disabled, server identity can't be verified." This is because the java applet is unsigned, and therefore cannot be used for anything except logging in to fields. It cannot be used to log in elsewhere, or to do file transfers with scp/sftp.

Then you will be prompted for your login name and password. Enter these in the usual way, and you will be logged in to your fields account.